Thursday, August 19, 2010

Nice pile of QSL cards arrives from the bureau

I received a nice little pile of QSL cards from the bureau today. All of these cards, 37 in total, are for my old callsign, EI8GHB. They include two new confirmed countries for me - OX Greenland and LX Luxembourg. I am also expecting a few cards for EI2KC since I have become quite active in sending out QSLs via the bureau in recent months.

The picture on right shows the latest batch all lined out on the floor of the shack here. The two new ones are in the bottom row. I will process them now just to see how many are answering QSLs that I sent and how many are not. That should be an interesting exercise. Many of the new QSLs are from Germany, some from Poland and Spain.

I sent another batch of cards to the bureau just yesterday - some for EI8GHB and some for EI2KC. Because my old callsign expired at the beginning of March I would expect the number of EI8GHB cards going out and coming back to significantly reduce in the next month or so.

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