Friday, August 27, 2010

My new 2m/70cm dualband antenna is working brilliantly

On Wednesday I acquired a new (well, secondhand actually) Watson W300 dual band antenna for 2 metres and 70 cm and it was installed by Tony EI4DIB on my chimney. What a difference it has made over my W30 and my discone!

I called on 145.500 and got GI0VKP coming back to the call and we QSYd to 145.475. I wondered if he was maybe around Newry but he told me he was in Comber in County Down. I looked on Google Earth and was surprised and delighted to find he was 64 miles away with the Mourne Mountains between us!

He could pick me up perfect audio 5 and signal 5 with just 5 watts from me. He was on 10 watts through a W30 and was 5/5 with me also. It was a great contact proving the antenna is working great.

I am looking forward to the IRTS 2 metres counties contest this Sunday.


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  2. hello anthony i am in the middle of getting a antenna for 2m,and was told to get a watson w300 antenna.will you fill me in on how yours performs and what cintacts you get.

    you should have a good idea of its performance after the 2m irts contest on sunday ;) cheers EI9GIB

  3. Hi Anthony, very interesting reading your comments, I am looking to move my tri band (6m,2,70cm) co-linear from the back garden to a T&K on the side of the house - however as this antenna is rubbish on 6m compared to my roof mounted sirio 827 (11m) antenna I am thinking of a dedicated 2m omni as high as possible as love to work ground wave FM.

    Can you recommened a good 2m base antenna /

    73 Paul.


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