Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Photo: Full moon and VHF dipole

I saw this shot last night and ran to grab the camera and telephoto lens to capture it. The full moon came over some nearby rooftops, just behind a VHF dipole on someone's house. I won't write an essay about it - I just thought it would be nice to share . . .


  1. That's a great photo captured there Anthony,you have a good eye with the camera 73s Mick EI9GIB

  2. Nice shot again, We also had a full moon out this way but no shots of it. What camera are you using? Also I'm assuming your ISO setting for evening had you using a tripod as well? We have a Nikon D60 and D700 at this end.

  3. Mick, thanks for comment. Let me know when we can do a sked.

    VE3WDM - using the Nikon D200. ISO was only about 400. Shot was handheld against a doorframe!! Lens was 170-500mm.


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