Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My first direct QSL card with US dollars

I forgot to mention that I recently received my first US dollars with a direct QSL card. I had previously received some IRCs but never the old green stamps as we hams call them. The two one-dollar bills came from LA4RT for a contact we made on 6 metres CW. Apparently I was his first contact into Ireland on that band, so I was particularly pleased to receive this QSL card, which I have since replied to. So thanks indeed Jon and it was a pleasure to be your first Echo India on 50 Mhz. 73.


  1. Hello Anthony, I still don't understand why people send dollars or IRC for QSL other then for a DXpedition. In my opinion if someone takes the effort to send me a card I'll will do the same for him in return. So, it happens to me that I occasionally get a dollar with a QSL...I'll send it back with my QSL and say thanks...better use it for a rare DXpedition. 73, Bas

  2. Indeed Bas, it shouldn't require two dollars to send a QSL card to Norway. However, in my case I will use the dollars to send to some of the rarer stations I have worked to try to get QSL cards from them so I suppose it has an upside! Anyone who sends me a direct card with no money / IRC in it will get a card back.

  3. Ok, Anthony you have the right to do what you think is ok. It is just my opinion of course...

    By experience I know the last sentence of your comment is true !
    ;-) 73, Bas


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