The shack pictured in early 2010. In addition to the FT-1000MP there is the FT-897 and an Ascom for 4m.
A picture of the main shack in 2011, minus the Acom 1000 which was added after this pic was taken. The new shelving for the 'second tier' of equipment had just been added, along with the Icom IC-746,
The antenna farm in 2012: 6m beam (top left), hexbeam, Butternut vertical and (right) inverted vees.
This is my VHF antenna setup. On top is the 8-el XY 2m beam and
underneath is a 3-element beam for 6 metres.
My old MA5B minibeam against the backdrop of the stars in 2010.

The front of my QSL card