Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Diodes and transistors - the final countdown

Countdown timer: 2 weeks 0 days to go

Right. Just a fortnight to go. Last night was spent in the company of Brian EI7GVB to do some study on diodes and transistors. Now I'll be honest in saying that I have been daunted about approaching this subject. I think I've mentioned tackling it half a dozen times on here but never actually touched the subject. I did learn some things last night but the major thing I learned is that there is a certain amount of information to be taken in and it will require concentration to do so.

However, if you're at the stage I'm at and you've covered about 80% of the material you might be of the opinion that you could afford to skip over it. After all, you might only get one or two questions on this in Section A.

Sucker for punishment that I am, there's no option for me but to tackle it and see what I can learn!! More later . . .

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