Sunday, June 5, 2011

Video - QSO on 6m into Pennsylvania EI2KC-WA2FGK

There was a great opening into the United States and Canada from Ireland and Europe on 6 metres on June 4th. A few of us EIs managed to make QSOs into USA and VE land. I was delighted to make a total of four contacts. This one, with WA2FGK in Pennsylvania, was one I managed to catch on camera too. You can hear me saying "yes" when he comes back with my call.

Unfortunately, USA is not a new one on 6 for me - I managed to make a QSO into the States last year. But it was very enjoyable to hear the States on 6 all the same. That might be it until next year, who knows?!


  1. Hi Anthony, great contact, I havent been able to work outside of Europe as yet on 6m.

    What antenna do you use for 6m, and approx how many wpm speed were you keying ?

    73 Paul.

  2. Paul, Antenna is a simple fixed aluminium dipole, oriented north-south, so "beaming" east-west, if a dipole can be considered to be directional. Not sure of the speed but I reckon around 28 wpm or so.

  3. Hi Anthony, never had a QSO with USA on 6m although I heard them in 2001 on 6. I did not have the time to be on the radio this weekend. So I missed it I guess. Good DX anyway although it wasn't your first with the USA. 73, Bas

  4. Bas, luckily I made a QSO to the States last year and one to Newfoundland. Not bad for a dipole. But in fairness on 6m the propagation is the biggest factor. Seems that there were only a few of us EIs lucky enough to enjoy the opening yesterday.


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