Friday, August 5, 2011

Further ST0R update - five band slots

Pile-ups for the ST0R South Sudan Dxpedition continue to thin out, but there are strange things going on with signals on the HF bands, no doubt affected by recent flare activity on the sun. ST0R signals into EI are strong at times and non-existent at others.

Since my previous update I have managed to nab them another two times, once on 20 metres SSB and also on 12 metres CW, so I am now up to five QSOs in total.

On right is a nice video shot in Japan showing the strong signals on CW on 40m there. Interesting indeed. One thing that this video demonstrates nicely is how hard you have to work to find out where the DX station is listening! Note the rapid change from VFO A to VFO B and back again.

The ST0R website and online log vanished for about a day but is now back in action. Congrats to the leading EIs, in particular John EI7BA and Doug EI2CN who are way out ahead. John and Dave EI9FBB are among that elite group who have worked ST0R on 6 metres. It will be interesting to see if any EI can nab them on top band!!

There is still a good opportunity for smaller stations like mine to get into the log. Although some of the ST0R operators are going home this weekend, they hope to maintain a good operation throughout the weekend and the whole DXpedition will not be QRT until their sunrise on Wednesday morning next, August 10th.

Good luck to all those trying . . .

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