Saturday, December 24, 2011

Two nice presents for Christmas

I have received a nice Christmas present from the ARRL. Santa has come early. I have achieved confirmation of 100 DXCCs on 40 metres and 101 on 12 metres through Logbook of the World.

That makes a total of three bands (including 20m) on which I have passed or equalled the required 100 countries to claim DXCC. I also have DXCC on mixed, CW and phone. So I am eligible to apply for six awards in total.

Another Christmas present came two mornings ago when I worked ZL3NB on 80 metres. To be honest I never thought I would work ZL on that band from my current QTH. I am using my old Butternut HFV6 and just a 12 metre random wire for listening. We were both on the grey line at the time which helped and exchanged 449 reports either way. The operator, Bill, has since confirmed our QSO via LoTW. He says the following in an email:

"Thanks for the Qso and what a rare occasion to work two Irishmen one after the other on 80 meters...Actually that's rare to do that on any band so now feeling lucky and should buy me a Lotto Ticket. Hi"

Bill had just worked EI7AU before me. So a great thrill for him and indeed a great thrill for me.

Happy Christmas to all amateurs and listeners!!


  1. Well done Anthony, can't wait to see the certificates on your wall very soon, Happy Christmas.

  2. Very nice to work ZL on 80. Does remind me of my first QSO to ZL. It was on 11 Mtrs in '89. I was calling for Japan and got New Zealand instead. Never expected that as well. Anyway, 80m is a lot more dificult, especially when you haven't got that good antennas for that band. Congrats. 73, Bas

  3. Have to agree Bas, ZL on 80m was probably one of my best contacts since becoming licenced.


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