Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The signal from Tonga just became stronger

A pathetic attempt at poetry, I know, but when your day starts with working a brand new DXCC in the middle of the Pacific Ocean that you doubted you might ever hear, never mind work, then you can afford to become a bad poet.  So here goes:

The ham's Pacific dream

I listened on the bands for days and days,
for a weak signal from a land far away,
when all hope had begun to fade,
I tuned up on twenty metres one day,
to find "alpha three" singing through the air,
with a signal strength not weak, but quite fair,
so I switched my antenna, and put on the split,
tuned up the amp, and on his QSX I did sit,
when all of a sudden, out of the noise,
I heard Kilo Charlie, on the key I did poise,
I gave him the call, and he came back with mine,
so I gave it again, and added five nine nine,
like a glorious echo, from the land of beyond,
I heard my five nine nine, like a beautiful song,
and all of a sudden, without much ado,
I had another DXCC in the log, and shouted "yahoo"!
Thank you my friends, deep down in yonder ocean,
for making my day, and fulfilling my notion,
that some day I would work such a faraway team,
in Tonga, dear Tonga, the ham's Pacific dream.

Below is a video showing the A35YZ signal strength on my Butternut vertical just after I worked them. If you like the above poem, there's something wrong with you!


  1. Never mind something is wrong with me,I like te poem. I guess I'm mad....congrats with this new rare DXCC. 73, Bas

    1. Fair enough Bas, it is good fun all the same. I enjoyed writing it. Brought a smile to my face!


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