Sunday, December 9, 2012

KH6MB Hawaii worked in Ireland with 100 watts

Above is a short video showing my QSO with KH6MB on 20 metres (14 Mhz) CW this evening after dark. There was a bit of flutter on his signal, but as you can see, I managed to nab him with my first call using just 100 watts.

Perhaps this video might serve as encouragement to some EI stations to go and learn "the code". I know some people will find it tough, but if you learn it you will also find it very rewarding, as your DXCC count will  increase dramatically.

In fairness, KH6MB is generally relatively easy to work when he's on. I have worked him in the past using just 100 watts and a vertical. My first QSO with him in February 2010, using my old callsign EI8GHB, was with my trusty Butternut vertical. I was thrilled to have worked him on 10 metres SSB in October of 2011, when that band was in brilliant shape.


  1. What direction had you the HEX beam Anthony? Worked NH7O in Hawaii on 20m SSB Monday evening the 10th approx 1 hour after sunset here in London city, I was beaming South from a HEX beam and worked him over the pole (28347.8 km long path) RST 57 both ways on 100Watts. New DXCC for my UK Callsign... Havnt worked them on the Key yet, I need to listen out for them.

    1. Padraic,

      I was pointing short path, north north west, at the time. I have found KH6 surprisingly easy on CW for some reason. But phone, as you know yourself, is an entirely different matter! Great going from London, over the South Pole for long path. Incredible distance. Nice contact.

      73 de EI2KC

  2. Thanks for the Info Anthony, it's much appreciated! Great Video too, you cant go wrong with a Pro3 their a fantastic rig, yeah i'll have a look for KH6 on the Key and see what we can do -.- I hope to be home in EI over the Christmas althought I have to get the Shack back up and running with EI9JA, alot of our Antennas are down at the minute. I'd like to take this opportunity Anthony to wish you and yours all the very best of season greetings over this festive period and maybe catch up with you on air soon.

    73's de EI5IX / M0XII


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