Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A couple of nice incoming QSL cards

I got two cards each from 1A0C and NH8S
These QSL cards have arrived in the shack of EI2KC. I received two cards each from 1A0C, Sovereign Military Order of Malta, and NH8S, the Swains Island dxpedition. I had no less than 12 slots confirmed with 1A0C, and a respectable eight slots with NH8S, which was active from Swains in the Pacific Ocean during September.

In my latest HF Happenings Column, going to press this week for the new issue of Echo Ireland, I wrote a review of 2012 from a DXer's point of view. There were quite a few excellent dxpeditions last year, and a few really rare ones on the air. Plus I look forward to all the forthcoming DX. Don't miss it !

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