Thursday, September 3, 2015

Enjoying some QSOs on my old Icom Ic-706MkII

This is a video of one of the QSOs I made on my old Icom IC-706MkII, which, despite its visual blemishes, is still a fantastic little radio. It has a very good receive and I also have a CW filter in it. Here I am making a QSO with Vasil UR5VHN in Ukraine on 20 metres CW, running 100 watts into my hexbeam antenna.


  1. Hi Anthony, I have the "G" version as my first radio in the shack at home. Bought it brand new now 17 years ago. Still doing a fine job. Have been looking for something else though but have nothing to finance it. Till I have I'll make my DX with the old 706. After all the most important thing of your station is the antenna. 73, Bas

    1. Bas, I have had some experience with the smaller Yaesu rigs (FT859, FT897) and I have to say that the Icom is superior in terms of the lovely cleanness of its receiver. To that end, I have decided to sell my FT897 and to buy another IC706 (MkII G preferably) or maybe even an IC-7000. You are right about the antennas!!


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