Monday, November 30, 2015

CQWW CW contest 2015 - a great effort by EI2KM

I had the pleasure of taking part in the CQWW CQ contest 2015 with the EI2KM team. We were based at Doug EI2CN's QTH in County Louth. We used one transmitter only. Our final QSO count was over 4,100, with a claimed score 4.8 million points.

Operators were Alain F8FUA, Stephane F5UOW, Doug EI2CN, Declan EI6FR, Anthony EI2KC and Don EI6IL. Our best band was 40 metres, with over 1,000 QSOs.  Next best was 80 metres, with 919 QSOs, we had 938 while 15m. We made 452 QSOs on top band. We had the pleasure of using a four square receive antenna on the low bands. Equipment was an Elecraft K3 and contest software was Win-Test.

Rates were good a lot of the time, with nice pipelines to North America at times on 15m and some great action on 40m. Declan EI6FR ran through the night from midnight Saturday until around 6am Sunday morning on the low bands.

I have to say it was a real pleasure to hear the likes of HS0 Thailand, YB Indonesia and such far away places calling me on 40 metres. 

But it was a very sociable occasion and in addition to the contest activity there was plenty of chat among radio friends.


  1. Well done Anthony & company. Didn't hear any EI here. That's just because I was not on at the right time...73, Bas

  2. Well done Anthony and Team great effort, it was nice to work you guys on the bands over at G2F it's a pity 10m never really opened over the weekend. GL 73

  3. Very nice videos of the contest it was very nice to see a contest station in action. You sure do get a feel of what it's like calling CQ in a big contest. I did hear and contact some EI stations but unfortunately not yours.
    73, Mike


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