Wednesday, August 12, 2020

The annual Perseid meteor shower brings an opportunity for some fun!

The Perseid meteor shower has been reaching its peak during the past 24 hours and this has provided an opportunity for some fun using the MSK144 mode, more commonly known as "meteor scatter".

The stations who picked up my MSK144 signal on 50Mhz, from

I managed to have my signal heard in Europe last night on the 50Mhz (6 metre) band, although I did not make a QSO. This morning though, things were better. Several bursts were heard, and replied to, and I managed to log four stations in Europe using MSK144. They were in Italy, Hungary, Austria and Germany. One or two of those might have been propagated using sporadic E, but certainly there were some that came from distinct meteor events.

The setup here for MSK144 is the Icom IC-7300, running 50w to max. 100w into a dipole antenna. I have a beam for 6 metres but it is not in the air at the moment. I run WSJT-X with mode set to MSK144 and frequency on the radio is 50.280 Mhz.

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