Thursday, July 1, 2010

Can we generate more EI activity?

This article appeared in the latest issue of Echo Ireland and is reproduced here to help generate some interest in improving activity levels, particularly on VHF and UHF:

At the most recent IRTS Committee meeting, members resolved to try and get more activity going, particularly in relation to the Worked All Ireland Award Scheme.

A comprehensive article on WAI has been written by Steve EI5DD but pressure on space prevents its inclusion in this issue. It will appear in the next issue.

Co-incidentally, Letters on the subject were received from Brendan EI7CS and via Brendan EI0CZ from Bill NF9A.

Brendan’s letter is printed below and is self explanatory.

Bill’s letter is looking for help in working all 32 counties in EI/GI, mainly on 20 metres.

In Steve’s upcoming article he suggests a frequency on each band.

The WAI ones are well established on 80 and 40 and 2 metres but we need to establish the ones on other bands.

Suggestions are sought for 2m SSB, 70cms, 6 and 4 metres.

Can we agree a time for all bands as suggested by Brendan?

I suggest you communicate with Trevor EI2GLB our VHF Manager on these issues.

In the meantime why not give a call on the WAI frequencies whenever you can.

Suggested Net Frequencies

80 Metres 3.680 MHz
40 Metres 7.068 MHz,
20 Metres 14.265 MHz
15 Metres 21.317 MHz
10 Metres 28.655 MHz
2 Metres 145.350 MHz (FM)


  1. Hi Anthony...
    Do not worry, I will be back in EI soon and have had my eyes opened on how they do things over here for field days etc, must try some of them!!!
    Wait until you see the photos of their setup..

    Best 73's.
    Tony VE7/EI4DIB

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