Thursday, July 29, 2010

The two A's - Australia and Aland Island - make it 71 AG eQSLs

My confirmed country total on eQSL has risen to 71 thanks to two new recent eQSLs. It turns out that my contact into Tasmania - my one and only IOTA contest QSO! - was in fact fortuitous in more ways than one. Not only was it a new country for me (if you consider Tasmania to be separate to Australia that is), but it was fortunate that VK7ZE is also on eQSL - and Authenticity Guaranteed as well !! So thanks Laurie for that.

The other new one was OH0/DK1MAX. Max from Germany was on the Aland Islands in the Baltic during July and the contact was made 6 metres CW. So again thanks Max for the nice one on 6. My country total on 6 metres now is 53 (that's 53 in the log, not 53 confirmed!) and I only started working 6 metres this season. So I'm very happy with that.


  1. Hi Anthony, congratulations with those 2 new ones on eQSL. I'm still waiting for nr. 100 on eQSL having 99 confirmed for ages now. 53 DXCC on 6m is in my eyes a lot. I've not been that active on 6m over the years but I still think it is a very nice band to work on. Though I've been on 6m since 2001 still did work only 39. Good DX ! 73, Bas

  2. Hi Anthony, wow 53 DXCC on 6m is great, I've managed 10 squares on 6m this year.

    What antenna do you use for 6, I use an old 11m band 5/8 vertical that happens to swr on 6m.

    73 Paul.

  3. Bas, Hope you get that next AG eQSL sometime soon!! Congrats on getting the 99. Let me know when number 100 arrives!

    Paul, the antenna is a resonant dipole for 6m made of aluminium, horizontal. My Antron 99 will also tune on 50Mhz but is much less efficient than the dipole!

  4. Anthony, yours continues to be one of the more interesting ham radio blogs out there. I always enjoy reading it. And good job on the new eQSLs. I have been stuck at 74 on eQSL for ages now. On the odd occasion when I snag a new DX entity, it's someone who isn't active on eQSL. Oh well. I'm not all that concerned about it. It's really the paper QSLs that I like. Keep up the good work! --Steve KC2SIZ

  5. Steve, Thanks very much for the nice comments. I will continue to update the blog as regularly as possible. It's great to hear that it's being enjoyed. I have recently started sending and receiving paper QSLs in earnest so I'm hoping to get that tally up soon!

    73 for now de EI2KC

  6. Hi Anthony, you probabely did read it on my blog. A day after my comment I discovered that I got 101 eQSL AG confirmed. It took a long time, but finally I obtained my eDX100 award. 73, Bas

  7. Brilliant stuff Bas! Congratulations on getting the eDX100 award. It's much tougher to get AG eQSLs than it is to get paper QSLs because only 20% of eQSLs sent are returned. It seems most hams still don't use it. And some of those that do are non-AG so it's a big deal to get your 100. Well done again.


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