Monday, October 25, 2010

Mexico, Mauritius, Gibraltar, highlights of another great day with six new countries worked on 12m

Heading into the weekend I had a total of just 42 countries worked on 12 metres. In fact, just two weeks before that I had added another six onto my previously miserly total of just 36.

However, I am now coming out of the (Bank Holiday) weekend (Monday included) with a grand total of 65 countries worked on 12m. I added six of those today, having notched up 17 new ones yesterday. Today's countries included some very decent DX I might add. Three of those DXCCs which I worked in a row were countries starting with the letter M: Mexico, Montenegro and Mauritius! Nice.

Difficult as it might be to believe, OE Austria was a new country for me today on 12, followed closely by ZB2 Gibraltar and CN Morocco. So all in all it's been a terrific weekend on that band, which was thoroughly enjoyable. When I put out a CQ at lunchtime I found the band open to the States and got plenty of North America and even one Canada into the log. So thanks everyone for a really great weekend.

Here are those who made it into the log today (Monday) with new countries on 12m indicated with (N): UT3IW, W8CD, DL6XA, N2LQ, RX6LDX, N8DX, W2YJ, DJ6TK, DK1QC, DL3HRW, DK5DC, OK8YD, N3QW, DL9IU, DM2DXA, DL2AMA, W1HT, N2WK, XE3N (N), 4O50A (N), 3B8DB (N), VA3PL (new band slot),  WA4FLZ, AB1KW, K3LRH, K1NOX, OZ8ABE, OE2LCM (N), ZB2FK (N), CN8KD (N), IT9/LY5W, 5N7M (had Nigera already on 12m!!), DL5ZL, DL4ZM, DL2RU, RA7A.

Hopefully conditions will continue as they are, or even show an improvement, over the winter. Right now the sunspot number is 57 and the SFU is 82, so those are good numbers for ham radio. Check yourself regularly at

That's all for now folks. Unfortunately I am back at work tomorrow and for the rest of the week so very little time, if any, for openings on the daytime bands. :(


  1. Hi Anthony, did you work these on CW ? I managed Mexico, though on 10m, see my blog post !

    73 Paul.

  2. Paul, Mexico was CW, Montenegro CW, Mauritius SSB, Austria CW, Gibraltar CW and Morocco CW. So mostly CW I suppose. I look forward to reading about your efforts on your blog!


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