Saturday, October 30, 2010

Licenced one year ago - celebrating my first radio birthday!

It's a historic day today for me. I received my licence on October 30th 2009 so therefore I am celebrating a year on the air today. And what better way to celebrate than with trying to work some new DX in the CQWW contest?

I remember that having passed the test on October 6th last year, the wait for the licence seemed to go on for ever. But eventually on Friday evening, just as I was heading home from work in my car, I got the magic call from Comreg and my first foray into ham radio began.

And what a great year it's been. I've worked some great DX. I have 100+ countries worked on three bands and am not far off the mark on one more - 15m - and that's the band I've been concentrating on today to try to get more countries into the bag and make it 100 on that band. I was at 83 before the contest and I've already worked a few new ones today.

Hopefully some time over the weekend I will get some action with the EI0W contest team who are working hard in the CQWW contest as we speak.

In the meantime, thanks to all those I have worked over the past year. I have 4,156 QSOs in my log, plus another 67 so far in CQWW. To those I haven't worked yet, I look forward to meeting you on the bands!

73 for now,
de Anthony EI2KC


  1. Congratulations Anthony! I think you achieved a lot in just one year. Be carefull you do not too much radio. Since there are only 350 DXCC or so to work on each band. ;-) 73, Bas


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