Monday, November 29, 2010

Now to concentrate on 80 metres and 30 metres

I wrapped up CQWW CW at 23.30 with a half hour still to go on 555 QSOs having worked 77 countries and 19 zones on five bands. I had 133 QSOs on 15m, 160 on 20m, 132 on 40m, 120 on 80m and 10 on 160m. My claimed score is 251,062 points.

That's by far my best achievement in any contest I've worked so far from this QTH. I will enter the "low power all band assisted" category. It all shows what can be done with an old Butternut vertical and 100w. On right is a screenshot showing my contest logging software SD by EI5DI.

Here are my standings now with all the bands after the contest. Note that I didn't work anybody on 10 metres because to be frank it was not open at all here during CQWW at the weekend.

160M: 30 DXCCs worked (+3)
80M: 72 (+12)
40M: 120 (+11)
30M: 82 (+4)
20M: 135 (+5)
17M: 104
15M: 101 (+11) (Finally got over the century on 15 - very happy!!)
12M: 65
10M: 35
6M: 53
2M: 10

So that's now four bands on which I have worked over 100 countries - 40m, 20m, 17m and 15m. 10m and 6m seem a long way off right now, but who knows what next summer will bring! Hi hi!

Over the course of the next couple of months I will turn my attention to 80 metres and 30 metres and see if I can notch up the century on those bands. I will also work 160m, but only portable, from one of two shacks owned by two 160m operators. Look forward to meeting you on the bands!

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