Sunday, November 28, 2010

Wow - what a brilliant contest!

The CQ WW CW contest is still on as I write this. I am doing it now because I won't have time tomorrow with work. I've worked 408 contacts so far in CQWW as I write and have notched up a tonne of new countries on various bands.

One of the highlights was ZD80 - Ascension Island - which was my 100th country on 15 metres and was also a brand new country, not having been in my log before yesterday.

Here are the highlights of the weekend. I scrawled notes about each new country as I worked it. I got a rake on 15m, some new ones on 80m and even some on 20 and 40.

On 15 metres, the following were new - EX Kyrgyzstan, EA6 Ballearic Islands, OM Slovakia, ZA Albania, LY, Lithuania, ZD8 Ascension Island, VK Australia, LX Luxembourg.

New on 80m were: 4L Georgia, UK9 Uzbekistan, D4 Cape Verde.

PZ Suriname was new on both 20m and 40m and A7 Qatar was a new one on 20m.

 And a nice surprise for the weekend, given that my random wire is not very effective on 160 metres and I only made 7 QSOs on that band, was OH0 Aland Island. Great stuff.

I will give another update when the contest is over (if I get time!)


  1. Well done Anthony!
    I was only on 40m during CQWW CW and so far 120 QSO`s - 63dxcc.
    No too much time to spend but something.
    A lot of new dxcc for me as EI9KC, top ones same as you ZD8 and JT5DX Mongolia.
    100m and wimdom dipole on the tree ;)
    Ark EI9KC

  2. I mean 100W :) ...
    My first QSO was 6V7Y Stan (EI6DX)

  3. Hi Anthony, great to see you made so many QSO and new band DXCC.So far I made 54 QSO on 40m only, best DX JT5DX with 25W on the loop antenna. Not bad I think. And that for someone who doesn't know CW at all....73, Bas

  4. Congratulations on the great run at the CQWW

  5. I finished up with 555 QSOs and approx 250,000 claimed points. Really enjoyed it, especially because it was all "manual" - ie no computer sending the morse for me! Ark - I hope you enjoyed your experience. I wonder if you would drop me an email about what antenna you are using? I am considering a hexbeam for my QTH.


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