Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My first ever aeronautical mobile /AM contact

I just made my first ever aeronautical mobile contact. I saw RV6LMG/AM spotted on the cluster on 14.164 and decided to give him a call. He was quite weak but within a short time he was asking "who is the Kilo Charlie station?" I gave him my call three times but he still had difficulty so I gave it thrice again and this time he got it.

RV6LMG/AM spotted on the cluster
I wasn't able to sustain a decent QSO with him, and he had quite a lot of people trying to work him, so I did not ask him where exactly he was flying to and from nor what aircraft he was in. A cluster spot said he was in an Airbus A320 35,000 feet above Russia!!

There are lots of firsts in amateur radio and that was a nice first for me.

RV6LMG is, according to QRZ.com, Sergey V. Sushko. Somebody who spotted him on the cluster described him as "Lt-Col.Retired" so maybe he's an ex-military man. I look forward to a QSL if there is one!


  1. Now that Anthony is way cool congratulations.

  2. Hi Anthony. Nice one! Congratulations! I had a QSO long time ago with AM station and I was abble to listen him on the way from Morocco to Poland 5/9+++ all the time ... Wow that was a QSO! How Is things these days my friend? I had a chance to put up 2 ele Delta Loop and I`m very surprised about resluts. With beam to NA directions I had QSOs with:

    IS0 - Sardinia (new one :)))
    FG5 - Guadelupe
    ZS4 - South Africa !!! (LP?)
    KP4 - Puerto Rico
    PP7 - Brasil
    9K2 - Kuwait

    No rotator at the moment as the antenna is very heavy (15kg) and my small rotator will be broken with a first strong wind. Hand rotator at the moment only.

    Wish you and your family Happy New Year!
    Ark EI9KC

  3. Thanks for all the comments guys. Ark - your beam is working - at least we know that much. Interesting that you worked Kuwait with the beam to the States!! But some nice contacts there all the same. South Africa is always nice. What band were you on?

  4. Hi Anthony. Yes Kuwait for also with beam pointed to NA ... It was on 20m. This morning I had a hope for some real DX but nothing at all. Most EU worked VK and ZL with 5/9 by LP and in EI land nothing. Not a beep... I SWL some PY station via LP this morning and some BV via LP. Looks like we need to wait for a bit longer day my friend ;)

  5. Ark, that seems to be the way it goes with EI and VK/ZL. I think we're just half a hop too far for them!!!!!


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