Friday, December 3, 2010

Yeeeessssss!! - EI2KC makes it into ZL8X log - TWICE!!

When the Kermadec Island Dxpedition began on November 19th, I knew it would be a tough battle to get into their logbook. This is partly because of the huge distance to Kermadec, which is 1000km northeast of New Zealand. It's 10,700 miles (17,200km) on the short path (if you have a beam!) The second reason is my humble setup, the 100 watts and a Butternut vertical.

As luck would have it I have been stuck at home for three days due to heavy snowfall which has made it difficult to drive anywhere. This is very unusual for Ireland, but the fact that I am working for home put me in front of the radio at times when I would otherwise be in the office.

One such time was around 4.30pm yesterday, when as it just so happened that both Ireland and Kermadec Island were on the so-called "grey line". It was sunrise there and sunset here. After some shouting, I managed to nab them on 20 metres SSB. Quite an achievement. Didn't expect to make it into their log at all, but to get in on phone was quite rewarding. I haven't even been able to hear them on most bands at any given time of day or night.

But this morning at 9.25am, having been trying for a while, I managed to work ZL8X on 40m CW as well, making it two band slots. That's their 40m four square in the picture above. It goes without saying that I was over the moon. My 20m SSB QSO has been confirmed on their online log. I hope to see 40m CW in there tomorrow morning after their once-a-day log update.

I'm so thrilled, really. At this moment, there are only 32 EIs who have made it into the ZL8X log. This compares with hundreds of G, GW and GM stations. Congrats to EI7BA, John, in Cork, who has made NINE band slots!!


  1. Congratulations Anthony!
    Just in time! They wil QRT tomorrow.
    I can only send them SWL card ;)
    Ark EI9KC

  2. Congrats Ark - I see you made it into his log!! Well done!

  3. Check last update of ZL8X log Anthony!!! Congrats!


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