Friday, January 21, 2011

Amateur radio operators help NASA with spacecraft

Amateur Radio operators have been helping NASA by listening for UHF signals from its NanoSail-D spacecraft. It was initially believed that the craft's solar sail had not deployed in orbit but radio beacon data which was picked up in the past couple of days by hams in the USA and Canada have confirmed that the sail is actually open.

According to the NASA NanoSail-D website, beacon data is now being routinely received by the public throughout the world. "Telemetry now indicates that the sail has now deployed," according to the website.

Radio amateurs can help by listening for NanoSail-D's beacon signal on 437.270 MHz, which contains information about the spacecraft's status. If you wish to submit beacon packets you can do so at this web page, and you will receive a QSL card upon submission of your report.

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