Saturday, January 29, 2011

Quick update: 101 countries worked on 30m, 197 worked overall, 95 AG eQSL

I am suffering with a chest infection which has inhibited my activities over the past couple of days but I am happy to report that I have broken the 100 DXCCs on the 30 metre band. A RTTY contact into Antarctica about six days back made it 100 countries exactly, and this was followed up by 1A, Sovereign Military Order of Malta, on 30m CW. (I also have 1A0KM on 20m and 17m CW and 40m SSB so far).

That makes 30 metres the fifth band upon which I have worked more than 100 countries. The others are 40m, 20m, 17m and 15m. Doing well. There is no doubt whatsoever that the installation of an inverted V for 30m by Tony EI4DIB has helped me significantly on 30 metres. So thanks again Tony.

Having checked eQSL early in the week I discovered I had an AG eQSL from PY0F, Fernando de Noronha, which I worked on 160 metres last year from Thos's shack in Clogherhead. That makes it 95 DXCCs confirmed by AG eQSL.

My total DXCCs worked is 197, so just three to go to get 200 countries in the log. Not bad at all.

I am off to try and recover from the chest infection. I am taking natural antibiotic in the form of manuka honey rather than those expensive and damaging ones the doctor prescribes. Hopefully the honey will work - it has done so before. Hope to hear you on the bands or see you on the waterfall.

PS: I'm not forgetting to mention CQ 160 which I have a limited involvement in but I will update you about that separately.

PPS: VP8ORK has EI2KC in the log, thanks to a late night QSO on 20 metres CW last night. That was another new country (South Orkney Island - southern Atlantic ocean not far from Antarctica). Keep an ear out for them on the other bands.


  1. Good stuff Anthony.
    Whenever you need another erection you know where I am, always willing to give a helping hand.

  2. Well done Anthony you are putting alot of us that have our licences alot longer to shame.

    I am at 195 and finding it hard to get new ones.I allways seem to be on the radio at the wrong time and miss the new ones.

    I heard you on 160 on Friday night but my 80m dipole was not up to the job so didn't get to work much.

    73 de Trevor EI2GLB

  3. Thanks Tony - I am very happy with all your installations so far. One tray of sticky buns just won't be enough!

  4. Trevor,

    I am really enjoying the whole experience - I am now giving PSK and RTTY a shot and enjoying those modes too. By far CW has been the best for DX - I have just worked VP8ORK on 30m CW with just 100 watts and an inverted V for that band erected by EI4DIB. I am hoping to give 6 metres a good shot this summer. Maybe I will get a multimode rig for 4 one of these days!!


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