Thursday, February 3, 2011

Pile-up on the Dundalk repeater

I use the Dundalk Repeater, EI2CCR, most days because I have to commute to work and I like to have a chat up and down the road. A good deal of the time there will be someone around for a quick QSO but this evening while I was coming down the road from Dundalk to Drogheda there was something of a pile-up.

First to answer my "EI2KC Mobile listening through" call was 2I0MMT/M, Mickey, in Newry, soon followed by EI5GLB, Victor, in Portarlington in County Laois, a long way from the Dundalk repeater but just about making it through. We were soon joined by 2I0LRY, Larry, also in Newry, and 2I0MBI/M, Brendan, who was mobile towards Pointzpass. Then we were joined by MI3ZJN, Gary, who was mobile near Armagh City, and finally entering the fray was 2I0WAI, Martin. It was difficult to remember all the callsigns, but I somehow managed.

I later found out there were others listening, and we could have been joined by at least three more but the frequency was busy enough HI HI !!


  1. Perhaps they wanted to learn your dxing secrets Anthony..?

    73 and I will get VP8ORK..sometime !


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