Thursday, February 10, 2011

Some great DX on 160m

I had a very pleasurable evening yesterday in the very well appointed shack of Doug EI2CN, who has an excellent set-up for the 160 metre band. Doug is well known both here in Ireland and around the world as a top band DXer and he enjoys a lot of CW on that band. At the moment he transmits with an Elecraft K3 through an inverted L and has 720-feet beverages pointed towards Japan, North America and Africa. To say that I am extremely fortunate to have occasional use of his station is an understatement. It is a great pleasure for me, and last night was no exception.

I arrived at the perfect time for some DX into the far east, giving me the opportunity to work some new countries on top band. First among thee was South Korea, HL5IVL. This contact was followed by two QSOs into Japan, another new country. Soon I had HS0ZEE (Thailand, pictured above) in the log, followed by DU1/JJ5GMJ in the Philippines. The last new one was 9M2AX in West Malaysia.

At around 10.30pm I started working into the United States and Canada, and made plenty of contacts into states including New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina, New York, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Georgia. I also managed  to bag a contact into Asiatic Russia also, hearing him on the beverage for the States initially but switching over to the JA beverage he came up to a 579.

Thanks to all for a wonderful night. Look forward to working you on other bands, and to maybe catching another QSO with you on top band some time.


  1. Good morning Anthony, if you are not able to set up a 160m antenna the next best thing is to go somewhere were it's already setup.....and a K3 to boot.

  2. Michael,

    Yes indeed. What a fantastic setup, and a great QTH too. It helped that conditions on top band were fantastic too.

    73 de EI2KC


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