Sunday, April 24, 2011

Ear damage means less radio

I have developed a bad ear infection which has perforated my eardrum. I knew it was serious when my ear began to discharge blood. Plus I was in terrible pain.

I went to a doctor Saturday evening and she was quickly able to tell me I had a serious infection which had perforated the eardrum in my left ear.

I have a terrible feeling of having an ear full of water. It's hard to hear anything plus it is very sore. No radio for the time being.

PS: Just realised I can work digimodes without having to listen to anything!! I only have to read what's on the screen. Great!
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  1. Woah sounds like you have been having a real time of it, Anthony. Here's hoping you are back to normal soon buddy. 73 Mike M0SAZ

  2. It was good you got it looked at when you did. There is always WSPR just to see how you are getting out with minimal power. Well rest and get better.

  3. Too bad Anthony, hope your ear is recovering fast. In the mean time, why not try PSK and JT65. But be warned, it can be addicting...73,Bas

  4. Remember, do not be sticking your finger in your ear, never put anything smaller than your elbow in your ear... Sound advice, if you pardon the pun.
    But on a serious note, hope it clears soon,this time last year I had similar infection in both ears at the same time, could hear nothing for about a week..


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