Sunday, April 3, 2011

Finally, a great opening on 10 metres

Yesterday, Saturday April 2nd, I enjoyed my first really good opening on 10 metres. The band was open from early morning. Although initially only open to parts of Europe and Ukraine and Russia, as the day progressed there were more distant openings. At 22 minutes past midday, I worked KH2/N2NL on Guam island in the Pacific, a country I had never worked before on any band. I nabbed a number of new countries on 10m yesterday, including Bulgaria (I know, that's how poor the band has been for the past couple of years!), Turkey, Cyprus (who else other than the inimitable Norman 5B4AIF!) and the United Arab Emirates. Oh, and Liberia (see below). Since my last bands update on March 12th, I have worked 12 new ones on 10 metres. My total DXCCs worked on that band is now 55. I look forward to more great openings.

There was good action on some of the other bands too. I nabbed Vlad 4K9W on 12m, a new one on that band. He was quickly followed by UK8OM in Uzbekistan, another new on 12m.

I was thrilled to get 5M2TT, the new DXpedition to Liberia, into the log on 10m CW. That was a brand new entity for me, never worked before on any band. I nabbed E21EJC in Thailand on 17m CW using only 50w. And late last night I put the 9L5MS DXpedition in Sierra Leone into the log on 30m CW.


  1. You want a big boring yawn? Try the words FOUR METRES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Whats wrong with FOUR METERS???????????????
    It is an up and coming VHF band.

  3. It would have to be "Up and Coming". It's dead, it can hardly go down any further!!!

  4. SO that's why you are looking for a second 4m Radio?
    What you need is a nice guy to put up your 4m beam for you, coffee and sticky buns as payment of course.

    Actually 6m is dead too.

  5. 6m will open soon! Yes I am looking for another 4m radio so that I can help to activate that band !

  6. Fair play to you, we need more keen hams like you.


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