Thursday, August 2, 2012

CY9M St. Paul Island Dxpedition ends

This blog has not been updated much recently. Since being made redundant I find myself busier than ever! I am looking for a job, obviously, but I am also writing my new book, which I hope to complete within the next week or so. Besides that, I haven't had much time for radio. I worked Israel 4X/4Z on 6 metres, giving me my 17th new DXCC on that band this season. My HF activity has been very sparse.

However, with the appearance of the CY9M St. Paul Island Dxpedition, I had to make some effort, albeit limited, to get them into the log. I managed to work them on six different band slots despite the time limitation, something I am extremely happy with.

Also on Monday my laptop failed and is still in the repair shop as we speak. I hope they can recover all my data. My entire log is on that laptop! Although I do back it up about once a month, I haven't done so recently so the latest backup is a month or so old. I think CY9M is my 264th DXCC on HF.

To have a look at what has been keeping me busy lately, have a look at this website:


  1. Good morning Anthony, summer time seems to be a busy time for all of us. Great work on CY9M I was giving them a go now and then but was not able to bust the pileups. There were some op's that went on early morning to make the contact but my thoughts about it were strong but the body was weak...:) I went to the link and very nice video I also recalled seeing you on TV as well....discovery channel I believe??

    1. Mike, yes a very busy time, but a productive time hopefully! I was happy to get CY9M at all - I have been doing so little radio that I have hardly made a dozen contacts in a month.

      It was the History Channel I appeared on. If you go to my page on, you will see the History Channel clip embedded there . . . !

      Good to hear from you. Hope all is well.

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