Friday, August 17, 2012

Some interesting videos . . . maybe!

Here are two videos which might interest you. The first is a short video of a QSO I made from the top of Red Mountain, Donore, a hill about three or four miles from my QTH. I was operating a Waccom UV5R, a cheap Chinese imported handheld, inside the car, and managed to open the Mount Leinster 70cms (UHF) repeater - a total of 75 miles away!! The QSO was with Declan EI4GJB who is based in Limerick city. Declan was operating through the Devil's Bit 2m repeater which is connected to EI7MLR (Mount Leinster) through the South Eastern Amateur Radio Group (SEARG) network.

The second video is from M3UHQ, Lawrie, in England. If you move forward to 2:50 you might hear a familiar voice!!!

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  1. Im glad you like it Anthony.. been trying to message you to tell you about the video, glad you got it. 73


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