Sunday, March 10, 2013

A great weekend on the bands

What a great weekend on the bands! It was raining here all day Saturday so it was a day for the shack. The Clipperton Island dxpedition was winding up by Saturday so it was tough going getting more slots. But I managed 10 metres SSB (finally, after an hour and a half of QSB and much QRM) and later in the night I got 20m RTTY to bring my total number of band slots up to 14. That far exceeded any expectations I had. It was a real delight to work them on every band from 80m through 10m.

The Progress window of my logging program showing my TX5K slots.
It was one highlight of a great weekend on the bands, the rest of which is briefly outlined here:

5W0W - Samoa - 20m SSB - made it through a huge pile-up by numbers
WL7E - Alaska - 17m SSB - a great contact through a huge EU pile
H44G - Solomon Islands - 20m CW - strong signals for a short time here and I was in the log after a few minutes
VR2KF - Hong Kong - 17m CW - new band slot
A92IO - Bahrain - Dave gave me a new band when he heard me on 20m CW
XW0ZJZ - Laos - 20m CW at 19:37 local time. Great signal for that time of night
VE7SNC - British Columia - 17m SSB
KL2YV - Alaska - 20m SSB my second contact with Alaska this weekend. Took longer but gave me a new slot
T6MO - Afghanistan - 80m CW. Saw this one on the reverse beacon and jumped at it before he was spotted on the clusters. New country on 80m!
V47JA - St. Kitts & St. Nevis - 40m SSB - new band slot. Worked first call with 400w and my Butternut vertical.
HP1/IZ6BRN - Panama - 20m CW
H44G - Solomon Islands - 15m CW. New country on 15 metres! Again big signal. Only took a few calls. He went QRT just after he logged me
DU1EV - Philippines - 15m SSB. Working a 1khz split, which is a bit unorthodox, but got him when he called #2s.
XW0ZJZ - Laos - 17m CW - new country on 17 metres !!
KL3IH - Alaska - 20m SSB - Alaska is rare and difficult to work but this was my third contact into Alaska over the weekend!! He had a huge pile-up but I waited until propagation dropped and EU quietened down.
V73NS - Marshall Islands - 20m CW - another huge thrill was working Neil on only my second band slot ever for this DXCC!!
9M4SLL - Spratly - 30m CW
J88DR - St Vincent - 30m CW
HS0ZEE - Thailand - 30m CW - new country on 30m!

Here are my totals on the bands (worked/confirmed)
160m:  66/51
80m: 128/104
40m: 187/140
30m: 197/142
20m: 250/190
17m: 250/172
15m: 235/149
12m: 221/153
10m: 214/153

Total: 285/256


  1. Now that looks like a great weekend on the radio for sure. Some very nice contacts in there Anthony.

    1. Mike, a great weekend. Lots of nice contacts made. I don't often get such a good run at it. Next weekend, for instance, I am at a wedding on Saturday and it's St. Patrick's Day on Sunday so I probably won't get near the radio!!


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