Sunday, March 17, 2013

Some nice confirmations via Logbook of the World

You know the old saying about buses in Dublin. You wait ages for one, and then two come along at once! That might have been the case with my Logbook of the World confirmations when I logged in yesterday to find a rake of nice QSLs waiting for me. Here is a summary:

9M4SLL - Spratly Islands - four slots confirmed, the best one by far being 80m CW!
KL1V - Alaska - 30m CW - worked on Tuesday last as a brand new one on that band!
9X0NH - Rwanda - 30m/17m CW - two confirmations from this rare African country.
PJ2/K8ND - Curacao - 17m/10m CW - two new slots confirmed.
T30PY - Western Kiribati - two bands confirmed for this rare DXCC.
J38A - Grenada - 80m CW - a new country confirmed on 80 metres.
4A4A - Revilla Gigedo - confirmation of two slots from a March 2011 dxpedition.
T6MO - Afghanistan - a new QSL for 80m. He was a new DXCC on that band.
TZ6BB - Mali - 17m CW. New slot confirmed.

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