Thursday, October 3, 2013

Need help with my next book

The cover of my new novella, 'Land
of the Ever-Living Ones'
Hello all. Please forgive this departure from normal service, but many of you will know that I have a huge interest in writing, and in ancient Ireland and myths and monuments and astronomy. My third book (and my first work of fiction) is almost ready to go to print. It's called 'Land of the Ever-Living Ones'.

Land of the Ever-Living Ones is an extraordinary dialogue between an old man and a young boy that reaches into cosmic and spiritual realms. In this wide-ranging conversation, the man takes the boy on a journey into his own ancestral past, and through lesson, metaphor, story and dream, creates for him a stunning insight into his spiritual existence, his quest for eternity and his experiences of the otherworld.

I will be self-publishing the book both as a print edition and as an eBook for Amazon Kindle. In order to get the printed version done, I need to try to raise some money for this purpose. I have created a page on my Mythical Ireland website where you can donate any amount of money towards this venture, using PayPal or a credit or Visa card. I would be most grateful to my amateur radio friends and followers for any contribution you can make towards this cost. (Estimated currently at €1,500). Here's the link:

Thank you for your support. EI2KC.

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