Sunday, April 6, 2014

A brief introduction to a couple of features of Logger32

I recently added a new desktop computer to the shack to replace my old laptop. I decided to change my logging software and to give the much vaunted free program Logger32 a try. Having briefly installed it and tried it out on the laptop, I knew there were some issues that I would need to get ironed out before changing over to it. Gladly, I got a lot of help and advice on Logger32 from Declan EI6FR and some help also from Don EI6IL. Within no time, I had it up and running on the new PC and imported my old log and started logging new QSOs with it.

The above video is a brief attempt to show just a couple of features that initially I hadn't a clue how to use, but which, once explained, became second nature. The first is how to connect Logger32 to the DX cluster. The second is how to rearrange the columns in your Logbook page. I tried to make mine look exactly like my old log for the purpose of familiarisation. 

The video is not intended to be an extensive tutorial, and is merely a novice's effort to pass on information in case someone else has just installed Logger32 and doesn't know how to use these features.


  1. Dear Anthony, another useful tip is in tracking window if you choose DX spots (istead View DX) you can see all the cluster info on the map (and with a mouse on tracking window and a right click you can set to Use DX spot alert colors - so colors will be identical to cluster window )

    1. Thanks for the information! That's very good to know. SV1GRN de EI2KC TU

  2. You can just right click down the bottom where it says 'TELNET' in red Anthony, and connect to the cluster that way. Just a bit George EI7GKB


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