Wednesday, February 25, 2015

New (modified) home-brew hacksaw blade single-lever Morse paddle tested live with QSO on 30 metres

This is a video showing my new home-brew single-lever hacksaw blade Morse key in action. I decided to test it "live", with the webcam running, by CQing on the 30 metre band using 100 watts. First station into my log was DL0BZA. I enjoyed using the key. It has no weight, so holding it down is required during operation, which is not ideal. I have a couple of steel bases, one of which I hope to "stick" it to, in some way. The morse key is a modification of one which used a much smaller hacksaw blade. I also improved the contacts. I may make further modifications in order to get more use out of it.

The key was made with spare parts lying around the shack. The wooden base is off some old bookshelves. The contacts are nuts and bolts supported with eyelets - the type that you crimp onto your DC wires to connect to your power supply. The hacksaw blade required sanding because it was painted blue and a proper connection was not being made. Here are a couple of photos from the construction phase:

The new contacts were made from bits and pieces lying around the shack.
The hacksaw blade during sanding. The eyelets are in place.
The hacksaw blade being filed and sanded.


  1. Great Anthony, very simple and reproducable. I haven't got a CW key but intend to learn CW somewhere in the future and then you need one of course. This could be a very simple first key.

    73, Bas

    1. Simple but effective Bas. Why spend 100 euro or more on a paddle when you can make your own?! I love home construction. The little bit that I have done has been very rewarding.


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