Tuesday, February 17, 2015

TI9 Cocos Island, DXCC #311, in the log

Hot on the heals of the K1N Navassa Island dxpedition, there's a new dxpedition, albeit a much smaller one, to Cocos Island, which is a National Park belonging to Costa Rica, on the Pacific side of central America.

This one started badly because the propagation took a dip yesterday when they started operations, and it was impossible for all but the biggest EI stations to hear them. After a short time working USA/EU, they started working Central and South America only.

But this evening, a new opportunity presented itself. They were on 20 metres SSB, working 5 Khz up. I logged them after just a couple of minutes of trying, at 19:51z. That's DXCC #311 in my log!!!

The pressure is off, but I am however still chasing them on a second slot, 17m CW, where they are calling EU only.

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