Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Nice card arrives from Monk Apollo in Mount Athos

The QSL card from Monk Apollo, the only ham in Mount Athos!
I'm delighted to have received a QSL card in the post this morning from Monk Apollo SV2ASP/A in Mount Athos. I sent away for it a few weeks ago. It's nice to get this rare one confirmed on the following band slots:

12 metres SSB
12 metres RTTY
18 metres CW
18 metres SSB

Thank you Monk Apollo!

The card is pictured in front of the radio, showing the split on which I worked 3G0ZC Juan Fernandez on 40 metres CW at 8.05am. This was the last band I needed Juan Fernandez on (apart from top band!). I now have 11 slots with this excellent dxpedition, which features three Irish hams, Dave EI9FBB, Ark EI9KC and Mark EI6JK. Thanks lads for the excellent activation!

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