Monday, March 9, 2015

VP8DOZ South Georgia in the log - another new DXCC, #312!!

A NASA image of South Georgia island.
When I heard that Denis VP8DOZ was going to be QRV from South Georgia for a couple of months, I was hopeful that I might get a QSO, despite the fact that he is an inexperienced operator. That part of the world (the South Sea, almost at Antarctica) is quite workable from here, as the path is mostly over salt water. Several Irish hams made it into the log over the past number of days, so I knew I was in with a chance. Denis seems to be QRV from around 20:00z for an hour or so each night, always on 17 metres, on 18.160 Mhz, and usually listening 5 Khz down.

Last night I got my chance. He was weak on my hexbeam, but just about hearable. I shouted. He came back with EI8HKC - it turned out that Pat EI8H was calling him too. So I stood by while Pat worked him and then he said "five to ten down" so I called on 18.153 and in no time at all I could hear what sounded distinctly like "echo india two kilo charlie, five and five".

However, despite the fact that the online log was updated today, I find that I am not in it. An email to log manager Paul ZL4PW confirms that my call was "busted" and he will fix it!

This is DXCC #312 for me, another all-time new one (ATNO). I'm delighted to get him into my log. I will look for the QSL card at the earliest opportunity.

A photo of my rig immediately after I worked VP8DOZ.

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  1. Well done Anthony I didn't even know he was going ashore thought it was MM only,

    You have almost caught me I'm at 313 current excluding 5A as he is not valid for DXCC,

    Hope your getting on well with E3 having technicial issues here making it hard going,



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