Sunday, October 11, 2015

Sometimes you've just got to live in hope

It's down to the last day of TX3X and I still don't have a QSO. It's not for the want of trying. I've spent hours upon hours monitoring their frequencies this week, and a couple of times I was sure I was going to get in the log. Saturday morning was the best chance. They were strong on 20 metres CW around 9.30am or so, and I didn't hear much of a pile-up going back to them. But just as they started to peak, they sent "QSY RTTY" and my chance was gone. They were hearable on RTTY, but the whole world was calling them and I woudn't have stood a chance. They came up on SSB too and again I was hopeful. At one stage I heard "Echo India" and thought I had made it, but it was another EI. This is definitely the toughest DX to work that I can remember. I am here at 9am local time sitting at the radio waiting for them to appear on 20 metres - hopefully on CW.

This is the last chance saloon. It doesn't get much closer than this. Either I work them today or I will miss the FK/C DXCC and an opportunity to log country #314. However, I am philosophical about it. The majority of the EI stations that are in the log are big stations, with large antennas and in good locations. The small pistols just aren't making it - well, one or two maybe. It has been an extremely tough dxpedition to work, and even the biggest stations only have one or two QSOs.

So today is the day that the small pistol will try once more. And hey, remember, DXing is a hobby. And it is a challenge for a ham operating from a small QTH. These are all things that must be borne in mind when chasing islands on the opposite side of the earth.......

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