Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I finished designing my new QSL card - here's a sneak preview

I have finished designing my new QSL card and have uploaded it to the printer. I am waiting to hear back from them to make sure everything is okay to go ahead and print it. I am getting 1,000 cards printed and hope to get a good lot out via the bureau when I get them into my hand. Here is the front of the QSL card. It features the ruins of Mellifont Abbey, near my home QTH in Drogheda, Ireland. It was founded by Saint Malachy (the same guy who predicted all the popes!) in 1142AD and was at one time the largest Cistercian Abbey in all of Ireland.


  1. Pure Irish magic, hope to earn this QSL one day.

    73 de UU1CC

  2. UU1CC,

    Thanks, glad you like it. I will have to keep an ear out for you on the bands! Maybe we can do a sked? If you like CW we could make a morse QSO?

    73 de EI8GHB

  3. Nice design. I like the Irish ruins and their history. I visited a couple of ruins in 2003 when I was near Castletroy. Hope to receive your QSL card soon. 73, Bas

  4. Very nice QSL. Excellent Design!

    73 de Kevin

  5. great design Anthony but I think at the rate your gaining QSO's ya might need another 1000 in the batch :) all the best 73

  6. Yes I thought about that! I have 1,367 QSOs, and have ordered just 1,000 cards. However, the company I order them with will often offer you some extras at a reduced cost, so here's hoping!! I will be getting my new callsign hopefully in the coming few weeks so I don't want to get too many cards for EI8GHB as it will soon be redundant and then I will need to get a batch of new cards done . . . 73


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