Thursday, February 18, 2010

Some nice comments about my CW - and the blog!

I have had some decent contacts on CW in recent days, many of them on 20 metres after dark, up until 9pm or so when the band is pretty much closed.

I got this lovely email from K3TX who I worked the other night at around 8pm on 20m. I had emailed him to say sorry that the QSO was quick but he was very weak and I was just starting with the paddle. Here was his reply:

Tony, had you not told me on the air I couldn't have guessed you weren't a long-time CW operator. All I ask of you is keep with it - I hated CW at the start; learned it only because it was required for the licence. As I used it I kept improving and liking it more to the point where (after 50 years) I very seldom use a mike. Receiving is the easy part - it just comes with practice. Good sending whether with straight key, bug or paddle - note I say GOOD sending - is the hard part; since yours was, under QSB conditions with the band closing for you so far after sunset, very easy copy, if you're a beginner on CW, my congratulations. 73 and hope to work you soon again. Dave, K3TX

Earlier on tonight I worked Steve KC2SIZ at 8pm on 20m CW. He sent me the following email just now:

Thanks for the QSO earlier today. I also wanted to write to compliment you on your fine blog. I enjoyed reading it very much and it’s a cut above most of the ham radio related blogs I’ve seen. Well done!

Thanks also for pulling me out of the noise earlier today. You did get my callsign correct. With any luck we’ll have a chance to chat again when we’re both receiving each other more clearly.

All the best,


Thanks indeed Steve. Yes it can be quite difficult working the states on 20m at such a late hour with such weak signals and with noise on the band. I hope we can have a better QSO on the band soon. 73 for now.

Current stats:
CW: 60 countries worked
Phone: 84 countries worked
US States worked: 27 out of 50
AG eQSL: 41 countries confirmed
Total QSOs logged: 968


  1. Hi Tony, very nice replies. I said it earlier, you must be a natural talented CW operator. Still struggling with CW here. I try sometimes to copy more then the k and m but after 3 months still not improving. I cannot hear the difference between a long and short beep and don't notice the short break between letters. I use LCWO on the internet by the way. May it's better to first learn my own call in CW? 73, Bas

  2. Bas, I'm not sure what advice to give you. I play music and have been musical since a young age. They say that helps when learning CW. I mostly used Just Learn Morse Code, a free program downloaded from the internet. But I was able to move from two to three to four to five characters very quickly and after a few weeks I was on 15 and 20 and then more and more. All I can say is stick with it! 73 de Anthony EI8GHB


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