Monday, February 8, 2010

Worked my first CW trans-Atlantic contact on 80m

I was glad to work Stateside on 80 metres tonight. I have a very limited setup on 80m with my multiband vertical not great for DX on that band. I have worked Stateside before on 80, but only once or twice.

Tonight I saw K9KU spotted on the cluster and could hear him so I gave him a go and after a couple of attempts he sent back "dit, dit dit, dah dah dah dit dit, dit dit dah dah dit dit" - "ei8?" so I gave him the full call. He had a bit of trouble hearing me though with my 100 watts. But it was nice to make the contact into Wisconsin, which is, by the way, a new state for me! That brings my total to 27 worked out of 50.

I spotted K9KU Larry on the cluster, with the comment "Tnx patience new CW op" and he obviously saw it because he spotted me and said, "tnx qsl is ok". So good ears Larry, and thanks for working me!!

Update: Later last night I worked Brazil PY7ZY and Aruba P49V. I had worked P49V before on 17m CW so this was a new band. Thanks to both for the good ears!


  1. Hi Anthony, great contact. Wisconsin is not easy to get. You're doing a great job as new operator.
    By the way, did you receive my direct QSL? 73, Bas

  2. Bas, yes indeed I did receive your direct card. Thanks very much !! I have finished designing my QSL card and just have to get it printed (when I have money!!) so I will send one to you when I get that done.

    I also worked Brazil (PY) and Aruba (P4) last night, so it was a good end to the night.


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