Saturday, March 12, 2011

4A4A and CY0 dxpeditions quiet here

The operations at 4A4A - not being heard well in EI yet
I have yet to work either the CY0 Sable Island DXpedition or the Revilla Gigedo Island 4A4A DXpedition. Unfortunately most of the time I have been able to hear neither. I did hear 4A4A come up strong on 15m CW one of the evenings during the week after dark but couldn't get them in the log. I hope to try to nab both of these rare DXCCs before they finish. I will keep you updated. Congrats to my near neighbour, Doug EI2CN, who has 4A4A on eight band slots and is the leading light of the EI brigade, followed closely by Eoin EI9O in Longford. Well done gents. (Said with not a hint of jealousy, honestly!)

Here's my latest band standings updated since last time (previous update Jan 9th 2011):

Total DXCCs worked: 200 (4 deleted)

160M: 62 DXCCs worked (+32)
80M: 83 (+4)
40M: 131 (+6)
30M: 115 (+20 it's been a good winter on this band)
20M: 145 (+7)
17M: 115 (+7)
15M: 114 (+4)
12M: 72 (+6 the sun is kicking into life)
10M: 43 (+8 - at last, some new ones on 28 Mhz)
6M: 53 (0)
2M: 10 (0)


  1. Hi Anthony,

    Is that CY0 dxpedition actually on the air, as I've not heard it or seen it on the cluster ?

    Should be an easy one to work I would have thought, especially on 20/17m, I have managed to work in the last week or so Prince Edward Isl on 40 and 20m.

    Keep up the good work.

    73 Paul.

    PS - Did I tell you I worked VK on 10m ;-) ?

  2. Paul, They are there alright. On 20m CW right now. See the cluster:

    N1SNB/CY0 1825Z 14022.0 up YU1EA

    Very disappointing - can't hear them most of the time and have only heard 4A4A once!!

  3. Thanks Anthony, I'll keep an extra ear out for them then if they are active.

    4A4A, didn't know about that one, now that's definitely worth a look -

  4. I saw 4A4A spotted on the cluster earlier, so tuned into 14195 for a listen, well I wish I hadnt bothered, as trying to hear the DX over the cacophony of the EU zoo was impossible, the squabbling and arguing just adding to the qrm.

    DX code of conduct, not on there !

  5. I am listening to K8LEE/CY0 right now on 14.023 and calling him up. I would make a couple of comments. Firstly, in my opinion, there is no need to be working people 7 KC up from where you are calling. Even a big pile-up can be managed within 2-3 KC in my humble opinion. Also, his work rate is about one in 30 seconds and sometimes he doesn't work someone for a whole minute. That is far too slow to be practicable. Gives a lot of ops, myself included, little or no chance. Just my tuppence worth . . .

  6. Hi Anthony

    With the recent upturn in solar activity I was sure CY0 and $a would be a walk in the park.

    it was said on the cluster that 4A are in a very bad location so that might expalin there terrible signal. I have yet to hear them on SSB and the only peaked s3 on 20m CW when I got them. I also got them on 17m. The weekend is a really bad time to try to work them as everyone is home trying.
    I am lucky I have time off during the week what there is less competition in the pile.

    I havn't spent too much time looking for CY0 I must get my act together but I did get one QSO on 17m last week.

    I agree about the split up 1-2 is plenty on CW as if its much more you will never know where the are listening.

    4A are there till the end of the month so the piles should die down towards the end. (hopefully)



  7. Hi Folks.

    Try to work 1000 EU stations calling you in the same time. 800 of them are using 1KW or similar power. Up 1-2 no problem with the filters. But then all the little ones (100W) have no chance. I`m happy to logged CY0 twice. 14Mhz and 18Mhz with just 100W. For example I`ve been waiting for CY0 on their CW freq good few hours. I worked them with just one call when they show up there.

    4A4A - we had a chance to work them only when thay called EU only! Congratulation Tony to have them on 21Mhz RTTY :)

    73! Ark EI9KC


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