Monday, March 7, 2011

Yes!! I've just got over 100 DXCCs on eQSL

I've just logged in to eQSL and to my surprise and delight I have broken 100 DXCCs! I have 101 countries confirmed. Two of the new countries confirmed are Chagos Island and Zimbabwe. I was logging on to see if there were any eQSLs from the ARRL DX contest and to my surprise I found a lot more. That's the first real milestone achievement - and done in just over one year and four months. I am chuffed, to say the least.

Now I can go to bed with a big smile on my face . . .


  1. GREAT work Anthony!!! Being on the radio and listening listening and listening has paid off. Good work.

  2. Hi Anthony, congratulations now you can get the eDX certificate. Really great work within this short time. You're a top DXer. 73, Bas

  3. Hi Anthony, can I ask what is your eQSL/DXCC worked ratio, ie I have worked 75 DXCC, but only have around 1/2 of those confirmed on eQSL.

    73 Paul.

    PS - Oh and well done !

  4. Thanks for the comments guys. Paul - have worked 199 DXCCs, four of which have been deleted, and now I have 102 DXCCs on eQSL as of this evening so just over 50%. However, I had Chagos Island in the log for a long time but only just got the eQSL now. It can be difficult getting new countries. I have found that approximately only 20% of eQSLs sent are returned.

  5. hi u,
    Good lad, perseverance, patience, good listening skills, good antenna, great radio, that's me, how about ye,,,,,
    concrats oul mate, c ya next week,
    Seamus GI4SZW

  6. Well done Anthony hope you have loads of room on the shack wall for your Certs.

    Do you use LOTW its very handy for DXCC and WAS and all the ARRL awards.

    I find that most contesters use it and its a great way to fill band slots on more common entities so saves waiting years for QSL's or having to pay to send them direct.

    I was on 199 DXCC's for what felt like an age currently at 209 now but only 171 confirmed

    Lets hope the prop keeps getting better if we see the SFI get near 200 we have a chance of some F2 on 6m which I am really looking forward to.

  7. Trevor, no LOTW just yet but am planning to do it soon! There was some F2 on 6m the other day apparently, but only if you lived in the equator region. Fingers crossed for a really good season on 6m this year - and 10m - I need countries on 10!!


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