Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Keep a listening ear for propagation on 10m and VHF

The sun is really bursting into life. Right now the Solar Flux Index is 111, the sunspot number is 72 and yesterday there was a geomagnetic storm (aurora borealis / northern lights) which were seen as far south as Northern Ireland.

Unfortunately I am working during the daytime but any of you lucky enough to be in the shack during daylight hours should keep an ear on 10 metres. The the SFI above 100 there is a high chance of some decent propagation.

Also with the K index hopping up and down it would be worth keeping a listening watch on 6 metres, 4 metres and 2 metres. There is a bit of a lift right now on 2 metres with some EI stations working simplex into Wales and beyond. I heard the Belfast repeater GB3NI while mobile in Dundalk this evening. I don't normally hear it because of the mountains between Dundalk and Belfast.

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