Friday, May 13, 2011

I have qualified for DXCC Mixed and DXCC CW . . . overnight!

The other night, out of the blue, an email arrived from the ARRL. It was my Logbook of the World certificate. I had sent away the relevant paperwork to confirm my identity as EI2KC and it took about a week or so for the certificate to be sent.

So I went ahead, there and then, and uploaded my log to the LoTW website. I couldn't wait around - after all, I knew that out of 5,750 QSOs, there had to be a good deal of matches with other LoTW users. And indeed there were. After about half an hour processing my log the ARRL LoTW website confirmed that I had a total of 1,490 QSLs. So with the help of Dave EI9FBB (who I had phoned for 'technical support' HI) I checked my standings.

To my delight, and surprise, I had a total of 157 DXCCs confirmed, which means I instantly qualify for the DXCC Mixed award (although I have to apply for it to actually get it!). I also have 146 DXCCs confirmed on CW. So that means I am also eligible to apply for DXCC CW. Which is absolutely fantastic. I only have 73 DXCCs confirmed by paper QSL so to have 157 confirmed by LOTW is really great. I also have 90 DXCCs confirmed on phone so I need ten more for a DXCC Phone award. Of all the bands, I have the best totals on 20m and 40m, with 83 and 80 DXCCs confirmed respectively.

I also have 70 DXCCs confirmed on 30 metres. I'm beginning to think I should slow down with this hobby. Some friends are telling me I'm going too fast. That I will burn out. That I will lose interest. Well, maybe they're right, but I'm enjoying it now as much as I did in the beginning. Even more in fact. Because in the beginning (October 2009) I didn't know CW and I had no Signalink for digi modes and my antenna and radio system weren't as good as they are now. And with the MA5B minibeam acquired plus a rotator, all I need now is a mast and I will soon have a beam too!

To top it all off, I passed the 100 countries worked mark on 12 metres this week. So now I have 100+ countries worked on 40m, 30m, 20m, 7m, 15m and 12m. With 85 worked on 80m hopefully next winter I will get over the century on that band. I'm at 63 on 10m which is poor enough but if the recent lift in propagation continues hopefully it won't be too long before I'm at the century there too. Six metres is a different challenge. I have 52 confirmed there, and pretty much all of Europe, so unless something spectacular happens this summer (the E season started here on May 1st) then I can't imagine I'll be anywhere near the 100 DXCC mark on that band any time soon. As for 160 metres, I am on 62 DXCCs worked and will need to move QTH to get the hundred on that band!


  1. So Anthony do you have time to sleep at all???

  2. OMG, well done Tony, haha Im lucky to have worked 100 on all the bands combined so I wouldnt be too upset about 6 haha, I am in the process of getting LOTW so itll be interesting to see my QSL matches

    Well done again, 73, Lisa

  3. Well done Anthony great to see you getting your foot on the DXCC ladder. Look out 9FBB you'll be caught up with him in no time.

    6m is one of the hardest bands for us in EI to get DXCC on as we don't get half the amount of openings that the rest of EU gets. But as it's the magic band you never know what it will do.

    Best of luck with the beam that will make it alot easier all you need now is an Acom :-)

  4. Mike - I think I will be slowing down a bit alright so there will always be time for sleep!

    Lisa - you are picking off the DX fairly quickly. Don't know how I lasted this long without LoTW. It's great.

    Trevor - An Acom . . . hmmm, now there's a thought!! Yes, indeed 6m is tough. But I'm in no hurry. I've got to leave SOME challenges for the future !!!


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