Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Main antenna snapped by high winds

This sorry sight is my Butternut multi band vertical, which was snapped by the wind yesterday. We are well used to strong winds in Ireland, but not usually in May. There were extremely strong gusts at times and by evening time there were tree branches scattered around the place.

Efforts are currently under way to find or make a replacement part and get it working again. I am grateful for the assistance of EI2HX, Pat, in this regard. Within a short time yesterday evening Pat was already trying to source a replacement part. The bit that's broken is a 24 inches long, 1.1-inch (approx) diameter aluminium tube.
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  1. Hi Anthony, I don't what the height is of the butternut but the Alu looks very thin to me. Better try to guy the antenna when you fixed it if possible. 73, Bas

  2. Bas, I agree. I have re-erected the Butternut but will prioritise guy wires for it at the earliest opportunity.


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