Saturday, May 21, 2011

Watching 6m propagation changing over Europe

Today was a fantastic day on 6 metre (50 Mhz). I switched on the radio at 9.50am and there was already activity on the band and it lasted for the whole of the day, right until the evening time. For a period in the afternoon, the band was wide open, and I managed to get a pile-up going on SSB with just 100 watts on my dipole. I worked 140 QSOs on 6 metres today and put 16 different countries into the log. These were (not in any particular order): Estonia, Sweden, Germany, San Marino, Latvia, Italy, Denmark, Netherlands, Switzerland, Poland, Austria, Spain, Croatia, Czech Republic, France and Lithuania. There were some strong signals on the band too, with some peaking at 40 dB over 9 on my S-meter. I am now using an icom IC-746 for 6m activity and I must say I am enjoying it immensely.

Above is a video showing the progression of the Sporadic E propagation over Europe during the course of the afternoon. You will see EI2KC on the map a number of times! It's interesting to see how the band appeared to be closing and all of a sudden it opened up again.


  1. Very interesting Anthony, strange enough not many spots from/to the Netherlands. Although propagation was fine. I let the radio go on WSPR the whole day (blue spots on Sherlock). I've been spotted in 2 or 3 DXCC and spotted a few myself with best DX CN8. 73, Bas

  2. PA and ON are allways tricky to work on 6 from EI as the are too close for normal E's and a bit far for Tropo.

    It's allways nice to hear that part of EU even more so after working a few hundred DL's HI

    Great to see so many EI's on 6 yesterday the band was in great shape.

    Have you any plans for a yagi for 6 Anthony I went from a dipole to a 3el and it really made a difference



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