Thursday, February 16, 2012

Let's have a little game - guess the rig

OK, that's all I'm giving you. It should be enough for those of you who are familiar with the various makes and models of transceivers to guess first time. But just one caveat - I want the exact model !!!!!!!!!!! Answers can be left as a comment below. Good luck. By the way, there is no cash prize HI HI . . .


  1. Hi Anthony, that is an Icom IC-746 the non pro version. No cash prize? So is the 746 itself the prize then lol. 73 my friend. Mike M0SAZ

    1. Mike, I admit, it was far too easy! I am going to take some more pics of ham equipment and I'm going to make it more difficult !! Well done though . . .

  2. Looks like my IC 7400


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